HomeTV/OTTNetflixZoe Saldana shares how Reese Witherspoon enlisted her for an Italian Romance ‘From scratch.’

Zoe Saldana shares how Reese Witherspoon enlisted her for an Italian Romance ‘From scratch.’

Zoe Saldana shared how she got to play Amahle ” Amy” in the new built on ’s chronicle, From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home.

So how did Zoe and discuss this amazing Italian Project

Zoe expressed,” Well, Reese Witherspoon did not necessarily land on my lap, but kind of.”The actress spoke about how she got the part of in the chronicle “From Scratch.”

“We were at dinner with our partners and some common friends,” said Zoe

“And I guess she saw the dynamic between my husband [Marco] and I, and then called me up the next day or a week later to tell me that her , they had read this book, and it was going to be a part of their club.”

The famous New York bestseller was not even out, but Witherspoon felt Saldana could play this part very well.

Zoe adds, “I was a little nervous because you’re scared to open up your heart to something that you know has an eminent ending.” 

Zoe is playing an American student who is studying in Italy

 She meets a Silician chef Lino. He is facing health issues. When I read it, we all know how Tembi Locke and Saro’s story ends,” the actress added.

But their love, friendship, life, journey, and the story of their lives together are timeless. And that was deeply moving to me.” 

Zoe added, “I would laugh out loud at all the things that she — as a woman who is not Italian, marrying a very Italian man — went through. It’s an ongoing thing for me. It’s a saga that never ends and that I love. I’ve learned to embrace a lot of it.”

The creators and writers of the 8th episode are and Tembi Locke. The episode features Eugenio Mastrandrea, , Keith David, Judith Scott, , , Paride Benassi, and .

Saldana has played the actress and executive producer with Reese Witherspoon. She described her journey on this sequel as perfectly blissful as she wanted.

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