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Xochitl Gomez partners with SweeTARTS for TikTok Film Festival

Actress became a fan favorite earlier this year when she played Marvel’s America Chavez in in the Multiverse of Madness. During this fall, Gomez will again partner with SweeTARTS for a cinematic showcase on .

It was announced on Thursday that SweeTARTS would host its first SweeTARTS Film Fest, which will spotlight stories from across the country. TikTok will accept submissions from August 12th through September 7th and will consist of four categories – the “Best Expression of ‘Be Both'”, the “Best Story Time”, the “Best Use of Video Tools”, and the “Best Colorful Creation.

“In the end, the Film Fest winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, including Gomez. Each of the winners will receive a grand prize of $25,000 when Gomez announces the winners on October 6th at 7 pm ET on her TikTok account. In a statement, Gomez said, “I am passionate about the film; both behind and in front of the camera.

” In a statement, Gomez said, “Storytelling has held a special place in my heart for as long as I can remember, and candy and movies are both the best desserts. Now, TikTok has made it easier than ever to share our video content with the world, and I’m excited to host a new competition celebrating modern-day creators.

” According to , SweeTARTS Senior Advisor, when you combine seemingly opposite things, such as our unique Sweet and Tart profile, powerful results are unleashed,” as expressed in our company’s name and motto. He echoed the sentiments of the Ferrara Brand Manager.

In TikTok’s SweeTARTS Film Fest, we celebrate the seemingly contradictory combination of the everyday and impactful content, the powerful result of which is worthy of a film festival of its own.”She has been overwhelmed with praise for her performance as America Chavez – something she has earned in the best possible way.

“The reaction to America and how many people want to see more of her, and the fact that people are cosplaying her, is pretty insane,” Gomez said in a ComicBook.com podcast. It was all unexpected because I had no idea how the character would be received or if people would like it,” Gomez said. “My main goal was just to make sure people liked the character.

But it’s interesting how many people have come up to me and told me that it just means so much to them for me to be on screen as well as for them to see themselves on screen. It’s an honor for me to be that person for them.

It’s also the fact that some girls shake when they see me, they’re shaking, and some don’t want a photo or don’t ask for one. When I see you, I’ll ask, do you want a photo? It’s easy to take a photo and they just want to hug me. I think it’s so sweet. You know, I’m so happy to be able to do that for young girls.

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