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Without Steven Tyler’s Magic, Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t stay on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez left

Jennifer Lopez left American Idol after ’s departure because of their relationship. Fox began airing American Idol in the new century.

, , Paula Abdul, and observed several auditions. 20 years after the episode aired, its influence and legacy endured. Abdul was the first to quit after the ninth season. Cowell departed to host The X Factor in America. Jackson quit as a judge after the 12th season to pursue other ventures.

Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry replaced the first three judges on the show. In the 10th season, Jackson and Seacrest were joined by a group that surprised everyone.

Jennifer Lopez’s lack of movie roles

Jennifer Lopez’s lack of movie roles and record sales hurt her money, but it helped her career. Next was Steven Tyler of the band . So he became a judge and rarely saw his bandmates. At first glance, these two don’t seem like they would go together, but they quickly showed that they did.

Their strong connection won over audiences both on and off-screen. After Tyler left American Idol after the 12th season, Lopez left the show immediately. Why did she leave after Tyler left?

In True Love, Lopez talks about how she worked with Aerosmith. He asked her what she did to her face and hair.

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Tyler’s wild and full-of-life reputation

He often asked her what she used on her face and hair, and she wrote. With a sarcastic smile, he added, “I’m only asking because I’m so crazy about you, Jennifer.” This made me laugh. It’s interesting to hear what Lopez thinks about American Idol and how she and the rock singer got along.

Tyler has a reputation for being wild and full of life, but a celebrity is more than that. In her autobiography, Lopez talks about how she met Tyler. “Steven surprised me. People think he is a skinny rock star with a loud mouth and weird clothes. He has so much heart. His eyes look like those of a hurt bird.”

Lopez liked and wrote about Tyler

The way Lopez liked and wrote about Tyler in her book was similar to how she felt about herself and how the media portrayed her vs. how she was.

Tyler quit American Idol to go back to Aerosmith, and Lopez didn’t take long to do the same. “Magic!” she told about Tyler’s words. If he’s not there, the formula might change.” She said that Bono, Bon Jovi, or Mick Jagger could fill in.

took over for Tyler, Nicki Minaj, and

Keith Urban took over for Tyler, and Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey took their places. Lopez loved working with Aerosmith, and it wasn’t the same when she came back as a judge in the 13th and 14th seasons.

Their strength was clear. Some say that after Cowell and Abdul left, they made the show more interesting. Since the last time they worked together, their lives have been very busy. Even though they don’t talk, their relationship will last.

At a New Year’s Eve concert in New York, Lopez sang “Dream On” by Aerosmith, but the crowd’s reaction was mixed. Tyler hasn’t said anything about her cover, so he’s better than Facebook and .