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Wise Guys, a new mafia drama starring Robert De Niro, will star him opposite himself

Robert De Niro is returning to the genre of gangster drama, sharing the screen with a Hollywood legend. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Robert De Niro is set to star in Warner Bros.’ period mobster drama Wise Guys. Two leading roles are played by the beloved actor in the film.

Wise Guys will be released theatrically under the direction of Barry Levinson. In addition to The Natural, Good Morning, Vietnam, and Rain Man, he has also directed several other films. Upon its release in 1988, the film starred Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, which earned the director an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director.

Wag the Dog, which received two Oscar nominations in 1997, was also a Levinson-De Niro project. A Hollywood producer must overcome several challenges to get his film on the screen in 2008’s What Just Happened. The wise guy is a film about two Italian-American crime bosses who ran their respective families in the middle of the 20th century, according to THR.

The failed assassination attempt Genovese made on Costello in 1957 resulted in the mafia boss’ early retirement. In the movie, De Niro is set to portray both Genovese and Costello. For Wise Guys, Nicholas Pileggi is writing the script, and he has experience in this genre. Known for his book Wiseguy, which was used as a basis for the film Goodfellas, starring Robert De Niro in 1990.

In addition to producing Rocky and Goodfellas, Irwin Winkler will produce Wise Guys. At the time, Robert De Niro was just an up-and-coming actor; however, he was already involved in several films about gangsters. In 1973, he played Johnny Boy in Mean Streets with Harvey Keitel and David Proval. The Godfather Part II followed a year later, and he portrayed a young Vito Corleone navigating his way through New York City after leaving Italy.

The actor starred in Goodfellas in 1990 and Casino five years later as Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein. As part of his long-term collaboration with Martin Scorsese, he worked on The Irishman in 2019.
In the movie, the actor is seen at various points in his life, using de-aging technology to achieve the feat. Next, Robert De Niro will star in Killers of the Flower Moon for Apple TV+, while fans eagerly await Wise Guys.

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