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Why Was Taylor Swift Banned From The Twilight Franchise?

As one of the most famous people in the world today, is no stranger to getting loads of press coverage. Whether it’s for her love life, legal matters, or her friendships with other stars, Swift has a way of staying in the headlines.

Recently, Swift found her way into the headlines again, only this time, it was due to her missing an opportunity a number of years ago. People were surprised to learn that a major movie franchise blocked her from making what could have been a surprise appearance.

Let’s take a look at Taylor Swift, and learn why she was stopped from appearing in Twilight.

Taylor Swift Conquered The World Of Music

When it comes to the biggest music artists in modern history, it’s difficult to find one as popular and as successful as Taylor Swift. She’s been able to carve out an impressive legacy in the music sphere, and she has plenty of time to add to her already-impressive list of personal achievements.

Swift initially rose to fame as a teen songwriter who had an amazing grasp of song structure and melody. She was the darling of Country music, and after conquering that genre, she was able to switch up her sound, crossing over as few others had before her.

Thanks to her mainstream popularity and ability to touch music lovers, Swift has been a powerhouse in the world of album sales.

According to Best Selling Albums, Taylor Swift sold over 70,075,475 albums, including 50,951,000 in the United States and 3,819,000 in the United Kingdom. The best-selling album by Taylor Swift is 1989, which sold over 14,332,116 copies.

At this point, there are few artists in history who can measure up to her success. Swift’s place in music history is unquestioned, and over time, she could continue inching her way to the top of the most successful artists of all-time list.

Taylor Swift In ‘Twilight’

Although she is not known as a prolific actress, Taylor Swift has some great credits to her name. She’s also had a few projects she wants to be in, including a role in the twilight Franchise business.

The franchise, which was based on the bestselling book series, was a major player on the big screen. She may have come under a lot of criticism, but she was able to crush her competition at the box office and make billions of dollars over time.

twilight It featured a number of exceptional artists, but the majority of them weren’t household names when the films were first made. The success of the franchise, however, changed it in a hurry. To date, many of the stars of those films are very popular in the entertainment field.

Returning to Swift, she desperately wanted to be in the franchise but turned down the opportunity.

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Why That Never Happened?

So, why was Taylor Swift blocked from being in the Twilight franchise? Well, it largely stems from her being too recognizable.

when talking about The Twilight effect audio notation Director revealed what happened.

Taylor Swift was a member of the band Twihard, he revealed, before continuing to be contacted by Swift’s management for an appearance.

He said like, Taylor would like to be in this movie she’d be like, you know, somebody’s in the cafeteria, or dinner, or whatever, but she just wants to be in this movie, the director continued.

Despite the attention from the A-list star, Weitz knew her presence would negatively affect the film. The moment Taylor Swift walks on screen for five minutes, no one will be able to process anything, he added.

All in all, it was the right decision to make. It would have been a huge distraction for the fans. However, Weitz realizes that it could have been a great opportunity on a character level.

He said, I’m kicking myself for that too, because I was like, ‘Wow, I could have hung out with Taylor Swift. We could have been friends.’

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift was too famous and too well known to get involved in the white Franchise business. It’s rare for someone to be so famous for a chance to be in a movie, but that just goes to show how big Swift has been for years.

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