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Why Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Didn’t Attend the 2022 MTV VMAs

The Couple decided not to attend the VMA’S despite being nominated

Machine Gun Kelly despite being nominated for an MTV VMA, Kelly and his fiance Megan Fox decided not to travel to Newark, New Jersey to see the performance tonight. Only one category, Best Alternative Song, is open for voting for Kelly’s “emo girl” collaboration with Willow. Given the small number of nominations, it makes sense why Kelly decided to remain where she is. The duo won’t be showcasing any new award show ensembles due to their absence. The two have always stood out for their outstanding ensemble coordination. Fox explained to Vogue earlier this year how meeting Kelly affected her sense of style.

Fox’s Statement

She began, “Before, it wasn’t something I focused on or thought about. “Because I had been labelled or categorised as a sex symbol as I was an actress. To make you look more professional so that people would take you more seriously as an actor, publicists and stylists are brought in. However, they weren’t outfitting me in a way that let me express myself. I therefore sort of gave up on fashion. Whatever you put me in, I don’t fucking care because I’m not going to like it anyhow, I said.

“Musicians have a lot of freedom for dressing”

Before I met him, she added. “Musicians have a lot of freedom in how they dress to show who they are. They are typically far more flamboyant than actors. Before I became renowned, everyone who knew me knew that I always wore one piece that was completely wild, and they would always say things like, “You dress weird.” And I didn’t give up on that until I was shaped and forced to dress a certain way. And being with him, obviously, has allowed me to express myself more because of the little unusual way he dresses. He also set me up with my hairdresser, Maeve Reilly.