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Why Kyle and Kathy’s relationship might not be as passionate as it seems on RHOBH

The tension between both the sisters

There are indications that the tension between and her oldest sister , who both star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, still exists. Kyle Richards has been open about her tense with Kathy Hilton. Together with her other sister , Kyle debuted in season 1.

The two were also former child actors, with Kim being renowned for Escape to Witch Mountain and Kyle for her part in Halloween. The sisters maintained their unity throughout the majority of season 1 up to the season finale, when a quarrel between them resulted in Kyle outing Kim as an alcoholic.

Siblings tense relationship

Why Kyle and Kathy's relationship might not be as passionate as it seems on RHOBH

The sisters started to disagree over Kyle and Kim’s tense relationship. Kyle frequently worried about Kim’s sobriety, but Kim thought her sister was being intrusive. Kyle was free to concentrate on her friendships with the other housewives once Kim left RHOBH after season 5.

The scripted television series Kyle produced, American Woman, which was partially based on her mother, was discussed during RHOBH season 8. She disclosed that Kyle and Kathy were not friendly and that Kathy was furious with Kyle for revealing their family’s dirty laundry.

Kyle’s friend

Fans of RHOBH were shocked when Kathy decided to appear on the program as Kyle’s “friend.” Soon after making her debut in season 11, Kathy earned a reputation as the crazy, eccentric sibling. The two appeared to have patched up their old disagreement, but there was still underlying tension between the sisters in the most recent RHOBH episode.

At Kyle’s Aspen, Colorado, home, Kathy was given a bunk bed-only room because she arrived late for a cast trip. Although fans saw how different it was from the previous housewives, Kyle claimed that the beds in the house were the most comfortable.

Ignored Kathy’s existence

Why Kyle and Kathy's relationship might not be as passionate as it seems on RHOBH (2)

, Kyle’s husband, was preparing supper the first night they arrived in Aspen when Kathy asked if he could grill the corn. When Kathy asked him to, Mauricio ignored her and their relationship appeared strained.

Later on, as supper was being prepared, Kathy was seen asking for cutlery and napkins, but Kyle and Mauricio ignored her. Fans of the RHOBH speculated as to if something was developing between Kyle and her sister after Kyle called her “high maintenance.”

What happened between the siblings

While visiting Aspen, Kyle and Kathy got into a fight, which tried to resolve in the RHOBH season 12 teaser. Later, Kathy realized that she made a mistake in what she said to Kyle and expressed sorry for it.

Because of the trip’s numerous dramatic storylines, fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been eagerly anticipating it. They also want to know what happened between Kyle and Kathy.

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