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Why Elon Musk’s Mom Maye Musk Sleeps in a Garage When She Visits Him in Texas

The mother of

, the mother of Elon Musk, has revealed that she sleeps in a garage whenever she visits her son at the headquarters of in Texas. Figure out why it is.

Maye Musk’s accommodations

It’s possible that everything in Texas is larger than it is elsewhere, but that might not be the case with Maye Musk’s accommodations. When Elon Musk’s mother visits her son at the SpaceX headquarters in Boca Chica, Texas, she reportedly lodges in a rather unusual location.

This is according to Elon Musk’s mother, who is worth a billion dollars. Maye stated to The Times in the United Kingdom, “I have no choice but to sleep in the garage.” You’re not allowed to have a mansion of that caliber so close to the launch pad.

Maye’s residence 

Maye did not provide any other details on her unique living arrangements; however, she did mention to the magazine that her kid is not interested in acquiring material items. She responded with “No,” indicating that “not at all in that way.” Maye presently resides in an apartment in the city of New York, and her favorite way to pass the time there is by walking her dog while dressed in what she calls “ancient clothing, a shabby coat, a hat, and dark glasses.”

Not a huge apartment

She stated, “My apartment is not that large.” “I don’t need huge. Because of the obligations that come along with having more room, I cannot afford to have any squandered. I now feel like I’ve found my footing here, and I told my children that this is by far the greatest location I’ve ever called home.” 

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Abundance of love

During the course of the conversation, Maye also shows an abundance of love for her children by doing things like sharing the endearing nickname she used to call Elon when he was younger. She laughed and referred to him as “Genius Boy” as she recalled how Elon “remembered everything he read.”