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Why did Ariana Grande Miss the MTV VMAs 2022

Busy Filming Wicked in the U.K

Due to her busy schedule filming Wicked in the United Kingdom, Ariana Grande appropriately chose not to return to the New York City area for the MTV VMAs broadcast despite being nominated for Best Metaverse Performance tonight. Yesterday, Grande provided an update on her location on Instagram by posting pictures of herself looking stylish in Prada while attending a R.E.M. Beauty event at London’s Selfridges department store earlier this week.

Her Concerns regarding entering the beauty industry

In a November interview with ELLE.com, Grande discussed R.E.M. Beauty and her concerns about entering the beauty industry amidst all the other celebrity lines. Since I never want to just leap into something popular, she said that she was anxious about beginning r.e.m.

“It must seem really deliberate and intensely motivated by emotion. To me, it must seem quite genuine. So let’s try some things out, dive in, and play about with some items. There are countless ways to tell this makeup narrative, and these formulae are motivating. I’m pleased that we can implement this in the cosmetics industry.

She explained the relationship between music and running a line

She continued, “There are certain similarities between running the line and composing music.” “The obvious response is that music and makeup are very dissimilar. They are so opposed and polarised, but right in front of our eyes, without saying a word, they sort of support each other in coming to life, she said.

 I believe that when we film the makeup-enhanced music video, a lot of my songs come to life more. They both convey stories in completely different ways, but they oddly hold hands, and I appreciate that so much. The process of putting together these formulas and making sure that each note is perfect is the same as when you’re writing a song. 

For example, you spend time with the pre-chorus to ensure that the notes set up the hook in the right way, that the harmonies don’t compete with the background bells or strings, and that everything is sort of complimentary of one another. Despite how drastically different they are, they feel so similar since both involve meticulously working with formulas, which are also used in music.”