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Why did Anne Heche Son request control over her Property

had no drafted Will. Her son is authoritative over her Real Estate; the actor passed away last month.

No will by Anne Hechon, son, demands authority over the estate

Laffon filed a petition to the Supreme Court of Los Angeles to be the owner of Anne’s Property. He is also the legal guardian of his brother Atlas Heche Tupper.

In the documents submitted to the court, the two brothers are the only heirs of Anne’s Real Estate.

The worth of Anne’s Property as per the filing is still unknown

Why did Anne Heche Son request control over her Property (2)

Laffoon is the son of Anne and her ex-husband , a real estate agent. They were married for a span of 9 years, 2001-2009. However, Atlas Tupper belongs to her and her ex-partner .

They dated from 2007-2018, and they met on the sets of “Men In Trees,” a series by ABC. The petition from Laffoon came after Anne’s car crash which caught fire as she crashed into Mar Vista’s home.

Anne had several injuries from the accident

The Emmy nominee was driving under some influence, claimed the Los Angeles Cops. The Police also revealed it after taking a sample of her blood cocaine found in her system.

Anne was brain-dead and was kept on a ventilator as the doctors looked for relevant life support to provide organs. The “Another World” actress was removed from the ventilator on August 14 after a long duration of life support that doctors provided to her.

Laffoon wrote

My brother Atlas and I lost our Mom. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a hint of deep, wordless sadness,” Homer Laffoon wrote last month in a statement. 

After Anne’s death, friends and family have been very supportive of Laffoon. He said, “I am grateful for their love, as I am for the support of my Dad, Coley, and my stepmom Alexi.”

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