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Whoopi Suffering With Sciatica; She Left All Her Projects 

The Famous Actress Whoopi's Condition 

The famous actress was absent from the talk show for one week in 2021 due to back pain. On a recent episode of , director (52 years old) joined the panelists to promote his new movie, .

Whoopi Suffering With Sciatica; She Left All Her Projects 

Whoopi (66 years old) prompted co-host Joy Behar to ask Kevin: “Who was the woman who played the witch?”  “That was the great ,” he opened up.

Kevin continued that she came in as a pinch hitter because they had a doctor already, but she went through some health stuff herself and couldn't be in it. He then mordants at Whoopi, highlighting: “Whoopi right there.” “Yes,” approved the moderator.

Kevin said: “Whoopi was supposed to be with us.  She was so excited, but then she thought the back thing had happened.

“Oh, the back body thing and the leg thing, the front thing – all these things happened!” said Whoopi, making a gleam of her health struggles.

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Sciatica Struggle 

Kevin and Whoopi worked with each other on Clerks III when she struggled with sciatica in June 2021.

The condition, which left Whoopi maneuver a walker, happens when a breached disk, bone spur on the spine, or narrowing of the spine flattens and tamps part of the axon.

After taking some time off from various that are going on, Whoopi said to her followers and fans that she was out because she was dealing with something called sciatica, a bulging disc in your back that impacts the sciatic nerve and sends pain down your leg.

She said she is telling him it's like a bad , a bad boyfriend who came back to mess with her. There she was, trying to move her leg, which was impossible. “It was really horrible.”

Whoopi's ordeal came after being absent from The View for several weeks in 2019 when she was with pneumonia and sepsis. But the veteran TV host is feeling better and recently starred in the animated Apple movie Luck.

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