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Who yearns to be back in Top Gun Maverick

Having risen to proficient stardom through movies like Real Genius, Top Gun, Willow, and Tombstone, Val Kilmer scored a particularly notable cinematic honor in the mid-1990s, being cast as Batman. In this article, let’s examine whether Val Kilmer yearns to be back in Top Gun Maverick.

What was his recent reprised role?

Val Kilmer, who recently reprised his role as Iceman in the hugely successful Top Gun: Maverick, is one of few actors who had the chance to play one of the most iconic characters in comic history. 

With Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and Robert Pattinson all currently playing Batman in live-action films, Val Kilmer has officially tossed his hat into the ring for a return.

The stardom speaks about his possibility of return

In 2020, after twenty-five years of Batman Forever’s release, Val Kilmer said he decided to stop playing Batman because he realized it didn’t matter who was wearing the costume. 

A year later, Val Kilmer described playing Batman as “so isolating,” but he hasn’t completely disclosed a Batman return.

Is it he is an initial character to take up the project?

The proverbial table is set for actors who’ve played superheroes many years earlier to reprise their roles; Val Kilmer will at least entertain the possibility of a second outing as Batman

He was the third actor to appear in the DC Comics superhero in a live-action feature-length movie, following Keaton and Adam West.

Why did the stardom communicate through text?

It is important to mention that because of his battle with throat cancer, Val Kilmer now speaks with a raspy voice and often communicates with an electric voice box plugged into his trachea. 

So, if he were to play Batman again, he wouldn’t sound like he did in Batman Forever. But that complication aside, it would be interesting to see Val Kilmer back in the Batsuit, whether he was silent or spoke a few words. 

During his appearance in the aforementioned Top Gun: Maverick, Val Kilmer primarily communicated over text as Iceman, but at the end of his emotional scene with Tom Cruise’s Maverick, he did say a few lines, and later was modified for clarity.

Between Michael Keaton’s next outing as Batman and Ben Affleck reprising his take on the Dark Knight in both Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash, as well as Robert Pattinson’s Batman anchoring his corner of the DC multiverse, we may be set on live-action Batman for a while. 

Individuals wanting to see Val Kilmer back on the big screen can watch Top Gun: Maverick in theatres or on digital platforms. 

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