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Who was the unexpected eight-legged visitor that stole the show at the Queen’s funeral procession?


People from around the United Kingdom and the entire world came together to see Queen Elizabeth II's burial on September 19, 2022.

World leaders, including French President , Canadian Prime Minister , U.S. President , and the queen's famous grandchildren, were in attendance to honor the queen. She ruled for more than 70 years before her death.

An Unexpected

But those who watched the program also met a few people they probably didn't expect. One of them was an eight-legged spider that had hidden in the queen's coffin.

According to The Mirror, a spider was seen climbing over the queen's coffin during the funeral ceremony. In order to be fairly visible to the cameras, the small fellow climbs on a white card that had been put into the flower arrangement on the coffin. The spider's presence seems to elicit conflicting reactions from those who witnessed it.

One who saw the insect Tweeted about it: “bro there's a spider running across the card on the queen's coffin.”
Others cracked jokes and said, “The spider and the Queen, Right there is the title of a book.”
One more tweeted, “I'm thrilled because I love spiders! World's luckiest spider, indeed!”.

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How did the spider reach the coffin?

Since the queen's coffin was transferred around in the days leading up to her funeral—starting in Scotland and spending the final few days lying in state at —there are many potential places it could have hitched a ride, we probably won't ever be able to say.

Not to mention that the spider was discovered on a card that was surrounded by beautifully cut flowers and other plants, which looks like a natural place for a spider to hide. According to Express, the spider was initially noticed while the coffin was being carried into the abbey by pallbearers.

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