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‘Who Really Killed Michael Jackson’ documentary stunned MJ’s family after ex-wife confesses addiction to drugs

Michael Jackson’s family is stunned as his former wife, , confesses how she is a part of the King of Pop’s death. 

The new documentary on “TMZ Investigates: “Who Killed Michael Jackson,” which aired on Tuesday, left MJ’s family speechless and numb after hearing the confession of Debbie Rowe.

Debbie Rowe’s shocking revelation of MJ’s demise

Debbie Rowe sobbing in her statement revealed that she could have done something to stop late dermatologist , as she worked got patients like MJ under the influence of painkillers. 

, 92, and , 66, the mother and brother of MJ, are baffled by Debbie Rowe’s decision to take her testimonial public as a nurse who worked for the late dermatologist. 

Debbie Rowe, who raised Prince, 25, and Paris, 24, being a surrogate mother, admitted that she was the worst ever human being as she was mute while Dr. Arnold Klein administered prescription drugs to his patients.

Debbie Rowe’s confession about MJ’s addiction

In the documentary “Who Killed Michael Jackson,” Debbie Rowe holds back the tears. She confesses she was as bad as Dr. Arnold Klein, deeply regrets it, and apologizes for participating. 

One acquaintance of Michael Jackson’s family responded to the revelations by saying, her decision to speak about what she knows about Dr. Arnold Klein on addiction issues with MJ has dumbfounded some of the older Jackson family members and Michael’s long-term aides.

Everyone is discussing documentary trailers, and the media is buzzing with media attention. This brought many intriguing questions about what made her speak on such a subtle topic as it is a sensitive topic for family members and friends. 

After Debbie Rowe’s revelation, Katherine is very upset. She and her assistants are bewildered as to why Debbie has chosen to now speak up about that period of her life after all these years. 

Although Debbie informed the producers that she would not directly discuss Michael on the program, this raises many suspicious questions that she might have contributed to some patients’ demise which is extremely upsetting and shocking.

King of Pop’s sudden death sparked controversy

In June 2009, The King of Pop died of a cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home. According to former coroner Ed Winter, who testified in the documentary, with enough of the potent sedative Propofol in his system to kill a rhinoceros. He added that it is not just but other doctors who must be held responsible for MJ’s demise.

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In 2011, Conrad Murray, MJ’s physician, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for giving him the Propofol dose that killed him.

Rowe declined to discuss Michael Jackson personally in the documentary; instead, she concentrated on the general harm Dr. Klein caused to his patients. In 2013, Over the civil trial that followed MJ’s death, she blamed the late doctor for their drug usage on Michael Jackson. 

Jackson received powerful painkillers like Demerol from the doctor for over three decades as a treatment for his acne lesions, and the celebrity became addicted to the drugs.

Dr. Arnold Klein Klein, regarded as the “Father of Botox” and famed for treating other celebrities, including , passed away in California at 70.