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Who became bizarre in the new trailer for ‘Weird The Al Yankovic Story’

In the just-released trailer for the Roku Original film Weird: The Al Story, , best known for his portrayal of the character in the series, was seen as unrecognizable in the mentioned series. In this article, let’s see how bizarre he looked.

The crew of a satirical biographical parody film

The real Yankovic co-wrote the script, and eagle-eyed admirers will also notice him in the trailer. The film also stars Evan Rachel Wood as Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Brunson as Oprah Winfrey, The Office‘s as radio DJ Dr. Demento, James Preston Rogers as Hulk Hogan, and as Yankovic‘s mother.

How peculiarly did the actor appear in the trailer

The new trailer for “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” dropped on Monday, featuring Daniel Radcliffe as the famed quippy singer. He appeared with his curly brown mop of hair, wire-rim glasses, and bushy mustache, which was almost unrecognizable.

“In my entire life, all I wanted was to make up new words to a song that already exists,” Daniel Radcliffe, as Yankovic, says in the trailer. 

From there, the trailer takes off — chronicling the bizarre rise of Weird Al, including a hook-up scene with Madonna (played by Evan Rachel Wood).

What did the actor reveal

In addition to revealing a brand-new Daniel Radcliffe, the preview also shows a darker side of the artist responsible for songs like “White & Nerdy.” 

Daniel Radcliffe, as Yankovic, is seen enduring a rough childhood, having the sort of meltdowns usually reserved for rock stars and A-list actors, and engaging in hedonistic romps with Madonna.

“I think Madonna’s a bad influence on you,” his mentor Dr. Demento tells him—and even smugly puts his lit cigarette in his palm.

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“Your dad and I agreed it would be best if you just stopped being who you are and doing the things you loved,” Mary Yankovic tells her young son in the trailer. You see, he keeps getting caught at polka parties, and his parents won’t stand for that sort of rebellion.

When is the film mentioned above slated to release

The comedic biographical film directed by Eric Appel, which is set for a November release on the Roku Channel, charts the musician’s rise to fame—and bumps along the way—as arguably the most famous parody artist of all time. It’s slated to open the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness series on September 8.

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