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Who Are Decker’s Famous Friends She’s Asked For A Dancing The Stars Advice

Help To Friends 

is doing with a little help from her friends. In an exclusive chat with some of our sources, the country musician revealed which of her famous pals she reached out to for advice ahead of competing for the beside her husband, .

She opened up that she has my good friend because she did the show. She had already messaged Bobby Bones to help her, [Allen]. It’s been amazing to reach out to friends who have done this and helped her do it and will hopefully be there to support her.

​On Sept. 8, Decker was said as one of 16 celebrities competing in season 31. Like her husband, she will be dancing with , who Decker pointed out is from Minnesota.

The Strategies And Other Gossips 

The two have not actually begun practising, with Decker revealing that they are the “only ones” who have not started practising. But, the singer says she is about a “six and a half, seven” out of ten in terms of dancing skills, given her experience on the stage and on TikTok, and she hopes dancing to one of her songs would “pump her up” to impress the judges. 

She quipped that she knew she had rhythm, but she had never done Dancing professionally yet.

Though Decker said she has not thought about her competition yet, she was most excited to meet Jason Lewis, a.k.a. (Kim Cattrall)’s lover, Jerry “” Jerrod from Sex and the City. 

Decker Joked and said, ‘Oh, he had seen a lot of her before! And also add that all of his text messages were like, ‘Smith Jerrod, Smith Jerrod, Smith Jerrod.’ he was like, he knows, he’s there!