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What happened with the Snyder cut? Warner Bros. insider explains

While Zack Snyder’s was . Discovery’s most successful film of 2009, the studio regrets releasing the 4-hour film to the dismay of many DC fans. Several insiders at Warner Bros. believe he should have never caved into fans’ demands or the # social media campaign, according to a report gathered by Variety. Most importantly, Snyder’s backers strengthened their position against the studio’s leadership due to the #ReleasetheSnyderCut social media campaign. Though the is not considered canon, it is widely regarded as the most effective version of Justice League, despite Warner repeatedly scrapping the director’s vision.

The narration of the story

The release of the Snyder Cut would have undermined the narrative that is being attempted by the new management. This narrative is largely inherited from Walter Hamada’s tenure, even if Batgirl has been canceled and other canceled projects.

As you can imagine, those plans are largely dependent on what Warner Bros. decides to do with The Flash, a movie that’s supposed to break the DCEU from Snyder’s Justice League and reset things, despite the recent rescheduling that sees Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom coming out before The Flash.

Acting journey of Warner Bros

The Warner Bros. juggling act doesn’t stop there. Wonder Woman and Superman, both semi-successful during Snyder’s era, also have to keep up. However, it’s unclear whether Henry Cavill will continue to play Superman, if J.J Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates will work on a Black Superman, or if both projects will move forward.

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Last but not least, Warner Bros.’ plans for Batman and Joker appear to align with those of Warner Bros. They will continue to have critically acclaimed standalone sagas while ultimately finding a home for alternative versions of the characters in the MCU-style interconnected franchise that CEO David Zaslav so desperately wants.

Box office management

Warner Bros. employees feel their jobs would have been easier if the Snyder Cut had never been released by previous management. Having a couple of versions of Batman and Superman is perhaps the best course of action if Warner Bros’ new plans include concentrating on big guaranteed rainmakers at the box office. Just not Zack Snyder’s.