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What happened to the House of the Dragon showrunner in the HBO series

The House of the Dragon has lost a co-showrunner after just two episodes. announced his departure on Aug. 31. It has been an honor, and a privilege to work in the GOT universe for the past few years, Sapochnik said in an interview with E! News, particularly during the last two seasons working on House of the Dragon with such an amazing cast and crew.

Moving on was a tough decision

It was an honor to produce season one, and I am thrilled by the enthusiastic response of our viewers. In the next season, HBO says Ryan , co-creator of Colony on USA Network, will serve as the showrunner for House of the Dragon.

An Emmy-winning Game of Thrones veteran, Alan Taylor will serve as executive producer and director of multiple episodes in the already-announced second season. Sapochnik explained that moving on was extremely tough, but it was the right decision for him, both personally and professionally.

The series will feature Alan

In doing so, I am deeply comforted knowing Alan will be joining the series. Despite stepping back from his major responsibilities, Sapochnik will remain an executive producer throughout the running of House of the Dragon.

I have known and respected him for a long time, and I believe the series can’t be in better hands. This series couldn’t have come together as it did without ’s outstanding work on House of the Dragon’s first season.

Nearly 10 million more than last year

He has created its signature look and feels. Even though we wish Miguel could continue in his previous role, we are thrilled to have him continue in this new creative role.

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Variety reports that 10.2 million people watched the second episode of House of the Dragon on Aug. 28, a significant increase over the almost 10 million viewers who watched the premiere on Aug. 21. House of the Dragon premieres on HBO every Sunday at 9 p.m.