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What Could Go Wrong For The Walking Dead Villains

The Walking Dead series recently announced at comic-con that and would reprise their roles. Some of the most popular and famous characters are the villains in the series.

Villains get the worst experience as this mistake proved fatal for most of them. It refers to death, murder, terminal illness, gratuitous violence cannibalism.

Shane Walsh – ’s Return

Shane is one of the good guys and Rick’s best friend. It was not long before viewers got to see that he had a dark side that unleashed the zombie outbreak. Rick returned and reunited with and . Shane was happy to see Rick was alive.

His return marked the beginning of the end for Shane. Shane loses his newfound family Lori and Carl. Other survivors began to see Rick as their leader and protector. If Rick had stayed gone, Shane could have had a great life.

– Losing Penny

Phillip Blake is one of the most irritating characters in The Walking Dead as per the fans. He is responsible for the deaths of many main characters in the series including Andrea and fans favorite Hershel.

Losing his daughter was his break point. The viewers consider the fact that he had his daughter reanimated corpse locked away in his apartment and blamed himself for what she had become. 

– Manner of Death

Joe had a group called The Claimers as they were an antagonist for half of season 4. He encouraged them to commit heinous deeds but he had no qualms about harming innocent people to achieve his goals. In season 4 Rick killed Joe by biting out his jugular. Joe died brutally.

– Bob’s Revenge

Gareth is one of the best villains in The Walking Dead and he was a leader at the Terminus sanctuary. He was the antagonist in seasons 4 and 5 where fans discovered that he had Terminus into a cannibalistic nightmare. Revenge of Bob is one of the fan-favorite moments. Bob revealed that he passed the virus on to them. Gareth suffered a painful death. 

– Accidentally killing Beth

Dawn is one of the short-lived characters in the show. She was the main villain for the series in season 5. The death of Dawn was unfortunate because her leadership techniques were not always sound and ethical. Her death resulted from an accident. This was one of the most shocking scenes in the series.

Owen – Manner of Death

Owen is the villain for seasons 5 and 6 and he is a devoted member of a cult called The Wolves. He quickly made enemies wherever he went.

He was killed by Carol after trying to get to the infirmary with Denise. There is a possibility of making him alive, that he could decide earlier that he was better off working with the group instead of threatening him.