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What! Big Brother 24 Live Feed Gossip: Fears For The Future

Close To The Winner

In some ways, we are getting close to the end of the day in 24, yet, it’s only the start for some in the house. With the way that some of these competitors stay up late, who thinks how long everyone will be up gossiping about what’s new will come up?

The first thing that’s not good here is that each one thinks will not use the Power of Veto. That probability is correct, but shouldn’t you try harder if you are or ? Terrance has thrown a lot of people under the bus, yet has yet to spin a new yarn about this. It’s truly bizarre.

What fans and participants are more worried about right now are some scenarios regarding the coming days. In tonight’s fresh episode, Brittany made the baffling gossip that she wants to go to the finale two with Michael because they have gone through everything together. It’s weird to be so cool with winning second place, but okay.

Do They Have Concerns About

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Brittany is worried that someone like Turner or Monte could win Head of Household, they will target Michael, and he will ultimately end up winning Veto. She and Taylor have communicated a lot about gunning for HoH; Brittany may not know that Taylor would consider targeting Michael, which she does with intentions. 

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Anyone who takes him out gets the biggest spark to their curriculum. We are in a different spot where they could evict almost everyone in the house during the Double Eviction. Taylor is possibly the second-safest, with Alyssa in the top position just because she’s no threat to anyone.

Brittany, Taylor, and Alyssa also shared concerns about Monte tonight, who could win the game in a landslide at the end. We think he was playing one of the best social games, and there is no question about that. The next few weeks could be interesting! With this in mind, it is ironic that things look so straightforward from now until Thursday, with Terrance leaving the game.


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