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Werewolf By Night, Marvel’s first horror special, has been unveiled

was rumored to be discreetly working on a Halloween special that would be released on Disney+ in time for the holiday in August of 2021. According to rumors, the episode was inspired by , one of Marvel’s iconic horror comics from the 1970s. Then, a few months ago, it was revealed that  directed this .

Giacchino an Exemplary composer making his directorial debut

Werewolf By Night, Marvel's first horror special, has been unveiled

Giacchino is a renowned film composer who created outstanding scores for The Incredibles, Star Trek, Ratatouille, : Homecoming, Up, and , among many other memorable movies. Giacchino would be making his directing debut with this.

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The project was never formally announced by Marvel

Until last weekend’s in Anaheim, California, Marvel had never formally disclosed the project. There, they essentially validated the information we already knew. 

It will be released on the Disney+ streaming service  

The special, which Giacchino directed, will debut on Disney+ next month. In addition, they unveiled the show’s trailer, which features Gael Garcia Bernal and :

Given that Marvel has published multiple series with that title over the years, each with a different lead character, it is unclear which iteration of Werewolf By Night will be featured in the special.  The most well-known Werewolf By Night is a man by the name of Jack Russell, who was developed by in the early 1970s when horror icons like Dracula, Man-Thing, and Frankenstein became top sellers in the comics business.

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The character , who will have his Disney+ series later this month, had his debut appearance during the 43-issue run of Werewolf by Night. The Disney+ streaming service will launch Werewolf By Night on October 7 with the full title Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation: Werewolf By Night.