What is the most viral moment from Yung Miami's Revolt Talk Show, 'Caresha Please'?


A long-term JT employee, Yung Miami

City Girls are a duo band formed by two long-time friends. They met during their teenage years and have fantastic chemistry together, which she thinks is partly attributed to their close friendship.

Her real name isn't Yung Miami

The popular young rapper adopted the stage of Yung Miami for her professional persona. Born on February 11th, 1994, Caresha Romeka Brownlee was first known as Caresha Romeka Brownlee.

Prison time for her partner

Fans of Yung Miami may not know this. Credit card fraud was found in 2002 against her partner in City Girls. For JT, ten years was the maximum. Mummies.

A prisoner is her mother

There has been no easy life for Yung Miami. Her life was heartbreaking because she grew up in a rough neighbourhood. She and JT had to put their career goals on hold when their partner JT was sentenced to prison, but this wasn't the worst.

Her ex is under protection

Defending herself from her ex-boyfriend Jai Wiggins, Caresha Brownlee filed a temporary restraining order with the court. As a result of Jai's physical abuse, stalking, and harassment, she ended the relationship in 2015.

Her son shouldn't be gay

We recently learned that Yung Miami is opposed to the idea of her son being gay. She responded that if he did, she would beat him.

A new big change is looming for her

You may haven't been following Yung Miami's social media or reading gossip columns that she is about to change her life forever.

Her music was claimed to be stolen by Hazel E

In her argument, Hazel E played a few notes of our song and compared it to the City Girls' "Act Up" to prove that the City Girls' "Act Up" is a plagiarised version of our song.

She is rumoured to have a father

The news of Yung Miami's second pregnancy has only just been announced, but the father's identity has still not been revealed. Southside is a member of the 808 Mafia.

Her financial situation is good

Yung Miami's treatment in the music industry was something we were interested in finding out. After doing some research, we learned that she is on her way to becoming a billionaire.

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