Tyler Stanaland reveals that Brittany Snow is impatient about Selling the OC

Your partner at work! Brittany Snow watched Selling the OC, and her husband, Tyler Stanaland, told Us what she thought.

What Brittany thought

Kayla Cardona gave him a nosey, and Polly Brindle went skinny swimming in front of the group.

Kayla Cardona

The group approved neither of these actions. In addition, one of Tyler's narrative lines involved him avoiding Kayla Cardona's attempts to kiss him.

Attempts to kiss

It's a lot, but it's nice, the 33-year-old Netflix star told US Weekly in an exclusive interview published on Wednesday, August 31, adding that she and her husband keep their work lives apart.

33-year-old Netflix star

During a day at the beach, Tyler's relationships with his female co-stars were once again called into question when

Tyler's relationships

Alex Hall gave him a nosey by placing her lips over his nose and exhaling, and Polly Brindle went skinny diving in front of the group.

Even though they had both been flirting with one another, Kayla stated that she felt nothing had ever transpired with Tyler.

Nothing had ever transpired

Netflix is presently offering a streaming service for the show Selling the OC

Streaming service


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