Thor: Love and Thunder will be on Disney Plus in August 2022, right?


In Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth donned his Asgardian armor and wielded his axe once again, but he wasn't the only familiar face to do so. Tessa Thompson returned as King Valkyrie, and Natalie Portman wielded Mjolnir as Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, in the movie.

Love and Thunder was Taika Waititi's fourth solo movie as God of Thunder, and it became one of the best-performing movies of the year within just a month of release. As its cinematic release approaches, questions arise as to when it will be available for streaming.

In keeping with the vast majority of MCU movies, Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to hit Disney Plus pretty soon after its theatrical release. But can we expect it to make its presence felt in August with only two weeks left to go? What we know so far.

In the event that Thor: Love and Thunder follows in the footsteps of its MCU predecessors, it is likely to premiere on Disney Plus before end of August.

A Marvel Studios movie usually debuts on the service on Wednesday after its 45-day theatrical release window closes. In light of Thor 4's release date on July 8, fans could expect it to drop on streaming media on Wednesday, August 24.

I think that's the theory, anyway. The problem is, this date is approaching pretty quickly, and Disney Plus hasn't announced when it will premiere.

Consequently, it's possible that the movie won't be released in August, but in early September instead. There's a Disney Plus Day coming up on September 8, so don't be surprised if Marvel decides to kick off the event with Thor: Love and Thunder. Last year, they accomplished the same feat with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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