The return of Line of Duty and Ridley: 'Maybe we'll all die,' said Adrian Dunbar


For ten years, Adrian Dunbar portrayed one of the most recognisable, quotable, and even fantastical detectives on British television.

Most recognisable detectives on               British television

In the brand-new crime thriller Ridley on ITV, Dunbar, 64, plays the title character, retired detective inspector Alex Ridley.

Retired detective inspector Alex                     Ridley

Ridley has "delighted" Dunbar. "The turns and bends are great.

Delighted him

It's darker than your standard 8 p.m. Sunday night cop drama, with the crimes unexpectedly developing into something more sinister as the feature-length episodes go on. Aggressive admirer

More Fascinating

He used to watch the show air on Sunday nights alongside his co-stars Vicky McClure and Martin Compston, as well as the majority of the rest of the nation. Evening At Vegas.

His Tradition

The actor talks about his new ITV detective series Ridley and if Jed Mercurio will ever produce a seventh season of Line of Duty.

A seventh season of Line of Duty

Jed Mercurio's procedural, which peaked at 12.8 million live viewers, was the epitome of appointment television

Jed Mercurio's procedural

He agrees that Line of Duty brought the nation together, though.

Brought the nation together

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