The kid of Britney Spears speaks out about their relationship: 'I only want her to recover'


Relationship with Mother

The boys of Britney Spears are speaking up about their relationship with their mother

According to  sources

According to the sources, he stated, I 100% think this can be addressed. Just a lot of time and work will be required.

During the Interview

He said, During the interview, I spoke to Spears. I really care about you and wish the best for you.

Make a Conversation

We may be able to do this again sometime and have a discussion.

Support System

The brothers are each other's support system and are extremely bonded, in Jayden's words.

Feel like Oneness

I feel extremely linked with Preston. Both he and I are always watching out for one another.

Handling Media

Jayden said in reference to growing up with a mother as famous as Spears and dealing with the media surrounding her conservatorship.

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