The exclusive! The Great American Family announces its Saturday Night Movies  

In their Great American Family New Movie Saturday Night programming event, Great American Family will premiere a new movie each Saturday night through the end of the year.

Great American Family replaces GAC Family as the network name. Through the end of the year, GAF will premiere an original film every Saturday night.

The programming event will lead into and include original films starring Daniel Lissing, Merritt Patterson, Cameron Mathison and more from the Great American Christmas slate!

In Retreat to Paradise, Ellie Vaughn takes care of cantankerous and injured international tennis star Jordan Greer.

Ellie wants to leave Jordan in his misery, but longtime coach Neal isn't ready to give up on Jordan's recovery and return to play.

Slowly, Jordan realizes Ellie is exactly what he needs in his life right now, and he hopes she feels the same.Dr. Charlotte Hudson needs to escape home after being left at the altar.

Her plans of escaping are thwarted when she meets her former fiancé's identical twin brother, Seth, a dentist who is volunteering with the clinic in a tropical country.

Love In Bloom is the story of Amelia, a florist in Chicago who is about to propose to her boyfriend.

Days before her little sister's wedding, Amelia and the Best Man, Grayson, step in to save her sister and fiancé from a mountain retreat in Australia.

When Amelia least expects it, she finds meaning in the town's beautiful gardens.Throughout this Cinderella tale, Claire has a supervisor who is determined to ruin her life.

In an elevator, she gets trapped with a charming man on a rare and fun night off. Her next introduction is to him, but he doesn't recognize her.

April is a health-chef guru on the verge of fame, but her cooking fails. Despite her assurances, her recipes are not tasty. April vows to reinvent herself without giving up her hard work.

She visits Italy to learn how to incorporate the country's rich culinary culture into her own healthy recipes. Rob, a brilliant chef with big dreams, meets her there.