The Arrowverse's Greg Berlanti was reportedly considered for the role of DC Comics' Feige


A Kevin Feige-like role is being considered for Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti at Warner Bros. The DCEU movies are produced by Discovery. The month of August was a controversial one for Warner Bros.

The studio had completed its merger only a few months prior to Discovery's release. Warner Bros. announced that HBO Max's Batgirl movie, with Leslie Grace, had been canceled. Late March marked the end of principal photography for Discovery. HBO Max and Discovery Plus will merge in the summer of 2023, creating one streaming service.

Changes in the DCEU movies have also been taking place in The CW's Arrowverse. In spite of the fact that The CW is renowned for renewing most of its shows, the network ended up canceling Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and the latest DC TV entry, Naomi, earlier this year. During the 2022-2023 TV season, The CW will only have three DC TV properties.

As season 9 of The Flash draws to a close, Superman & Lois returns for its third season. With Gotham Knights, executive producer Berlanti continues his role as a key player on The CW since Arrow debuted in 2012. There is a possibility that the mega-producer may get a role within DC Films in the near future.

The trade has revealed in a new report from Variety that Warner Bros. According to reports, Discovery CEO David Zaslav intends to promote Walter Hamada to head DC Films in the near future. As part of DC's search for a Feige-like leader, Arrowverse creator Berlanti is one name being tossed around.

The CW has not yet made an offer to Berlanti, and their insiders say he may not be interested in going in-house. Berlanti creates Titans and Doom Patrol for The CW, and currently executive produces Arrowverse/DC. HBO Max has also picked up Green Lantern and Dead Boy Detectives for the series.

As he has basically served as DC's Feige for ten years through the Arrowverse, Berlanti makes a lot of sense. A deal currently exists between Berlanti and Warner Bros. until 2024. Among his credits for WBTV are Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, You, Kung Fu, The Flight Attendant, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and more.

It is possible that Berlanti will extend or sign a new contract with Warner Bros. Should DC offer him the role, it wouldn't be surprising if he ended up taking it. As of right now, everything is uncertain.

Feige has an impressive track record for Marvel Studios, so it's no wonder that Warner Bros. Discovery aims to achieve similar success. In addition to Berlanti's own love of DC, other factors contributed to Arrowverse's success. His studio may or may not want him to restart DC movies entirely. A reset of some kind would not be surprising for whoever leads DC Films after Hamada leaves.

Hamada was reportedly looking at doing a Crisis on Infinite Earths story, the same crossover Berlanti did with his last Arrowverse series. As long as Berlanti or Warner Bros. It will be interesting to see if Discovery clarifies what is happening and if the Arrowverse creator becomes DC's Feige in the future.