Royal Family Rarely-Seen Vintage Photos

Through the years, a few quality images have been overlooked-but with the internet, you can find them pretty easily now. Here are a few rare photos from the royal family.

A chicken paella is prepared at Eton College while Prince William attends boarding school.

With their father and cousin, Zara Phillips, Prince William and Prince Harry enjoy a skiing trip. Their annual trip to Switzerland was a time for fun and family bonding.

Her final outing before her passing was a cruise through St. Tropez with Prince William and her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed.

At the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Zara Phillips reads a pamphlet alongside her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

During a trip to Australia, children drive Prince Charles and Princess Diana as part of the Careful Cobber children's driving program

During a private photo shoot at Kensington Palace, a young Prince Harry plays the piano and Prince William giggles

While Prince Charles trails behind, Princess Margaret, Princess Diana, and the Queen Mother meet for a laugh before a wedding.

Princess Diana plays with her sons on the playground at Highgrove House

Prince William and Prince Harry bury their mother together in the sand. They were vacationing on Sir Richard Branson's private island in the British Virgin Islands


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