Reese Witherspoon enrolls Zoe Saldana to play a part in the Eternal Italian memoir 'From Scratch'


Zoe Saldana is all set to play Amy Amahle in Tembi Locke's Italian Memoir, "From Scratch."

Zoe in the Italian memoir,            From Scratch

Saldana shared how Reese Witherspoon gave her the Project over dinner. In the famous memoir of Tembi Locke, she got to play Amahle, the iconic character.

A project over dinner

Over the dinner table, Reese had her director cap on. She saw the bond between Zoe and her partner Marco and decided to give her the part of Amy.

Reese Witherspoon shortlisted                           Zoe

Since after reading the book for Reese, it was a strong opinion that not anyone but only Zoe could play this part.

Zoe as Amy

Witherspoon had asked Zoe if she had read the book as she felt Zoe could have a strong interest in it. Zoe was nervous about playing a part in a play that came with a devastating end.

Reading the book

Zoe recalls it is a story of an American girl who went to Italy for her studies. There she falls in love with a guy who is a Sicilian chef facing health issues.

The story of an American girl

The endings in Tembi's books are not lovely, but the love, friendship, the journey is timeless, and that's the beauty of it.

Tembi Locke's endings

Zoe is playing Amy from America while also performing her executive producer duty. She is thankful for this chance as she always wanted to.

The actress and the executive producers

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