Many British Icons Give Condolences To Queen Elizabeth II  


Tribute To Queen

Many people have been paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II since her passing was announced on Thursday.

British Icon

Another British icon with a very special connection to the late British monarch is Paddington Bear; he thanked our late Queen in his statement and said, "Thank you, Ma'am, for everything," ran the message on Paddington's official Twitter account.

She had ruled over the United Kingdom for a record-breaking seven decades.

The Condolences

Last June, the monarch starred opposite the beloved Peruvian rainforest native (voiced by Ben Whishaw) in a skit that aired for attendees celebrating the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne at a Platinum Jubilee concert in London. Mummies.

Tea Time Talk

In the sketch, Paddington joined the Queen for tea inside Buckingham Palace. "Thank you for having me," the bear said. He does hope the Queen had a lovely Jubilee." Queen Elizabeth II offered Paddington some tea, prompting him to guzzle it from the teapot.

She Keeps That

Luckily, the faux pas was amended by the duo's shared love of marmalade sandwiches. The beloved bear pulled one from under his red hat before the Queen retrieved one from her handbag. She keeps her in here, she said, for the future.

The Official Statement

"Her majesty is famous for her sense of humour, so it should be no surprise that she decided to take part in tonight's sketch," Buckingham Palace said of the skit in a statement, per AP.

"There was an interest in the filming and animation process and the opportunity to invite a famous bear to tea was just too much fun to miss."

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