Lauren Goodger shares an update after losing her newborn daughter


Lauren Goodger faced the sad demise of her newborn daughter Lorena last month.

Followed by her former boyfriend's demise This news shattered her after her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean, whom she had dated for five years, died as his car flew from a cliff in Turkey on July 3.

Lorena complications Lorena died on the delivery table as her umbilical cord swirled her neck, and though doctors tried their best to save her, she still was unsuccessful.

Thanked her followers Lauren Goodger was broken after her daughter's demise, and she thanked all her followers on Instagram for the support they showed.

Coping with her daughter's loss She is strong and does all her daily work to escape the grief.

Other kid rushed to hospital Her other daughter was rushed to the hospital because she thought he got chickenpox, but soon things turned out normal.

Cremation tattoo As an honor to her late daughter, she got a cremation tattoo made from her daughter's mixture of ink and ash.

Former boyfriend assaulted her Lauren Goodger's former boyfriend assaulted her at her daughter's funeral, and later, he came out on bail.

Want to release her second book She plans to release a second book in to hope it might work as a survival guide for others.

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