Kevin Costner discloses he doesn't want his family to watch Yellowstone

Kevin wants his family to stay away from the Duttons.

Yellowstone's growing popularity and craze may have fans wondering if the cast and their families will be involved with the Paramount Network. Kevin wants his family to stay away and not watch Yellowstone.

No closeness with Duttons

He has three children, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace, with Christine. While four children, Annie, Lily, Joseph, and Liam, with his ex-partner.

Kevin's children

The actor of Field of Dreams was asked if his family is involved in Yellowstone. To which he replied, "It's too naughty for them to see, and they probably do figure out how to see it.

A statement

Kevin wants his family to discover other projects; he is eager for them to watch Fandango.


Earlier, he had given a similar statement when asked about season 3 of Yellowstone; he said it's too racy.

Yellowstone is racy

The Bodyguard actor has always had support from his family. His daughter Annie said He doesn't make bad movies after all.

Children support their fathers

To add more, his daughter joined his band Modern West and performed on Heaven's Gate In the Yellowstone album. A treat from the daughter, after all.

Heaven's gate


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