Deacon And Nikki

 Are Planning To Date

In 'the Young And The Restless,' Fans Believe 

On The Young and the Restless, Nikki Newman has been on the lookout for ways to get rid of Diane Jenkins since she arrived in Genoa City.

In search of Nikki Newman

Diane's undoing remained a mystery to Nikki and Phyllis Summers for more than a year, so Nikki recently turned to her former lover, Deacon Sharpe, to find answers.

Unsolved was Diane's undoing

Toward the end of their first meeting, Nikki met Deacon at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where he offered to drink with her.

She met Deacon at an AA meeting

Deacon then set Nikki up to be found in Victor's bed at the Silver Star Motel. When Nikki realised Victor had left her, she checked into rehab.

Victor left, as Nikki realised

She didn't care about the rules when she knew Victor had moved on, so they had sex despite Deacon's warnings about hooking up.

Warnings from the Deacon

During this period, Deacon and Diane had a sexual relationship. During Nikki's attack on Diane, Deacon delivered the blow that ultimately ended her life for good.

Message from the Deacon

When the truth came out, Nikki escaped with Diane's death ruled as the result of self-defence. Deacon began framing anyone with a feud with Diane to protect Nikki.

Nikki is to be protected by Diane

Unlike Deacon, Deacon spent exactly two years in prison before being released in 2021. He returned to Los Angeles to reconnect with his daughter after his release.

Prison time for Deacon: two years

If Nikki does indeed find Sheila, one of two things could happen. Nikki might use Sheila as ammunition to make Deacon reveal even more about Diane.

Nikki may use Sheila

It would be great if Sheila and Nikki collaborated to take down Diane. After all, Sheila needs a new place to lay low for a while so that she might agree to Nikki's request.

The new place for Sheila

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