welcomes baby

Ian Harding

Ian Harding

Ian Harding became a parent one month after his Pretty Little Liars character adopted a kid.

First photo

Ian Harding published the first photo of his baby on Instagram to announce his fatherhood.

Birthday greetings

"Thanks for the birthday greetings, people," he wrote on Sept. 16. "I'm glad for many things this year, but you're the finest early birthday gift."

Ian turned 36

Ian, who turned 36 on the day the picture was shot, is shown clutching his baby's hand with the baby's fingers curled around his thumb and wearing zebra-print pyjamas.

Instagram photo

The actor posted an Instagram photo with a ring on his left hand days before the wedding.

High life

"Back in L.A. and enjoying the high life (sleeping in trees and baskets)"

Los Angeles-based photographer and set designer Sophie. Since 2011, she's been with Ian.

Los Angeles-based photographer

They were never engaged before marrying. Ian's kid arrives two months after Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max.


In the spin-season off's finale, Ian and his wife Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) adopt a baby from Imogen Adams (Bailee Madison).

Spin-season off's finale

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