It's finally here: Roger Corman's lost movie with Mark Hamill will be released


There is no way a movie featuring Hollywood royalty such as Mark Hamill would fail to hit the big screen.

When you add in that this movie was produced by legendary B-Movie producer Roger Corman, it is even harder to believe, but it is true that Corman produced Virtually Heroes in 2013, an official Sundance selection that was never distributed, originally titled Virtual Warriors, but was never released.

Now, it appears that Screen Media has acquired the rights to the film after almost a decade.

Variety reports that Virtually Heroes stars Mark Hamill as a "Yoda-like monk" who helps two self-aware characters beat the odds in a video game inspired by Call of Duty. The following is a statement from Screen Media:

In addition to Hamill, GJ Echternkamp directed the film, which stars Robert Baker, Brent Chase, and Katie Savoy. According to the director, the movie finally got a release because:

With his breakthrough role in Star Wars, Hamill became a Hollywood staple for both his acting and voice-over work, portraying characters like the Joker, Skeletor, and most recently Merv Pumpkinhead in Netflix's adaptation of The Sandman as the Joker.

In The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, he returned as Luke Skywalker once again after de-aging, and he will also appear on Netflix in The Fall of the House of Usher as the voice of Skeletor in Masters of the Universe: Revolution.

It's not surprising that Hamill's huge fan base will be excited by the release of Virtually Heroes, especially since the film seems to be celebrating Hamill's Star Wars history by having him play the role of a wise sage, offering insight and advice to the movie's protagonists in a similar way to Yoda guiding Luke toward becoming a Jedi.

The release of a long-lost Corman movie is also a great moment for the Corman fans, and considering the near-ten-year wait, we shouldn't have to wait too long for the film to hit theaters and digital platforms.

The movie will premiere in select cinemas and on digital platforms in December, with a Crackle Plus release expected in February 2023.

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