Bilal and Shaeeda 

 90 Day Fiance Star, Get Some Distressing Baby News

  In amazing news from the Oct. 2 episode of TLC's 90 Day Fiance: Happily, Ever After, the newlyweds Bilal and Shaeeda visit a gynaecologist about the probability of starting a new family life.

The Sneak Peek 

While Shaeeda, 37 years old, admits she's "no spring chicken," she's still excited to have kids with her newly wedded life partner.

No Spring Chicken

Here, they call that early maternal age," Dr James Mirabile tells her. "When he sees somebody 35 or older, he thinks, 'Let's give them six months.' You have to have odds of trying at first." However, that's easier said than done.

Dr James Opinion 

There's a lot right now that's going on," Bilal explains. You just came to a new life; they just started a new married life. There's a lot of things that they will do the first time, a lot of new stuff. A lot of women go through postpartum. He doesn't want you worrying about that right now.

Bilal's Opinion

The doctor suggests creating a baby pro and disadvantage list, which he says sounds "juvenile," but it's not the first time he's been confused.

The Confusion 

Lots of duos have this conflict, he admits. He had seen couples split up. They both must be into this to bring another life into this world. It has got to be right for them.

The Conflicts 

Shaeeda tells the doctor she has no medical problems and has never been pregnant before, but she says she's on a regular menstrual cycle where her period comes every 21 days.

Shaeeda's Health 

She is a little brief with that, the gynaecologist tells her. "Because the actual cycle is about 26 to 30 days. So if anyone ovulates, it's a short period.

The Actual Cycle 

A 21 day cycle doesn't cut it as far as ovulation and getting pregnant," he reveals.

The Conclusion 

"Day 14, you would ovulate and an egg is available for sperm to fertilize. If it's not there, we're not going to get a pregnancy.

The Conclusion 

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