As Overbey recalls, he worked with the late director


Upon learning of Wolfgang Petersen's passing recently, Murray native Kellie Overbey reflected on her experiences working with him on the 1995 hit movie Outbreak.

On Aug. 12, Petersen passed away in Los Angeles. Petersen had his first crossover international success with his 1981 World War II submarine thriller, "Das Boot" ("The Boat"). Soon afterward, he made the jump to Hollywood and directed such top-rated movies as "The Neverending Story," "Air Force One," "The Perfect Storm," and "Troy."

The film "Outbreak" stars Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman as Army doctors trying to stop a deadly virus from spreading through a California town after an infected monkey arrives from Africa. Initially a hit, it gained renewed interest when the COVID-19 pandemic made it eerily relevant, and many people quarantined at home were rewatching it.

She played Alice, the girlfriend of Patrick Dempsey's character, Jimbo Scott, who brought the monkey to the U.S. During his career at this time, Dempsey was arguably most famous for the 1987 teen comedy “Can’t Buy Me Love” and was just a decade away from becoming one of the most memorable television characters of the last 20 years – Dr.

On “Gray’s Anatomy,” Overbey acted with Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd in a scene at the airport where they embrace and kiss long before fans swooned over him. Considering the premise of the movie, it's not surprising that she eventually ends up dying from the virus in a hospital scene.

Overbey said she had two days of shooting "Outbreak". "I had to shoot the airport scene at night, then a few weeks later, I had to shoot a hospital scene where I was lying in a hospital bed with very gross makeup after being infected with this terrible pathogen.

After getting contact lenses, my eyes were yellow and I was bleeding everywhere. Jimbo, played by Patrick Dempsey, was dying in the bed next to me, so I was hysterically crying as well.

I worked with Rene Russo in that scene, and she was incredibly kind and sweet to me, since I had to spend much of the day crying. In my career, I've done that a lot, and it's not fun. By the end, I usually have a headache. It would be nice if they offered hazard pay to actors who had to do that."

Although Overbey only had the opportunity to work with Petersen for a short time, she enjoyed the experience.According to her, Wolfgang Petersen was a very professional. He always seemed to be very positive, lively, and happy. There was no doubt that he commanded the stage.

The film had a big budget and a lot of stars in it, and generally, I find the set is happy when the budget is high. For a moment, people know they have a job. "I remember being very grateful for the work and being well treated."

Dempsey was really sweet; it was a pleasure to work with him. Overbey agreed, calling it "very cute.". At the time, we laughed that the scene was basically about us making out. I was like, "Hey, hi.". I'm glad to meet you." So we just went for it, and he was very professional, game, and sweet."

In the airport scene, Dempsey and Overbey were directed to make the kiss appear "viral" by Petersen.“With a wink in his eye, he did that, and we both laughed and said, ‘OK,'” Overbey said. “He just wanted me to look like I would not be able to avoid getting this illness!” I thought he was funny.”

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