An unexpected surge in global streaming viewing for a Netflix movie


There is a global production boom on Netflix right now. According to the Huffington Post, Netflix's charts are showing purple hearts, gray men, and recurrence as top movies. Streaming service Purple Hearts is doing pretty well and destroying charts around the globe with its single.

According to the streaming service's official Global Top 10, Purple Hearts holds the top spot. With over 100 million hours of viewing in the last two weeks, Purple Hearts has remained in the Top 10 for over two weeks. Compared to The Gray Man, which is next on the list, The Gray Man has over 38 million hours viewed.

As well as being the number one movie in the United States, it is also the top film in Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Australia, and elsewhere.

An aspiring musician and a Marine decide to get married so they can benefit from military benefits. In the end, however, they discover that they have a genuine love connection. Among the stars of the film are former Disney stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine. Having Mickey released adds intrigue to the crime drama series as Ray must figure out how to handle his father's destructive behavior to maintain his own nuclear family and business.

Not only did Carson play Cassie, but she also served as the film's executive producer and songwriter. Having to juggle all of these different roles, Carson told People, was "fulfilling."

As an artist, I've been really lucky that a lot of my projects have allowed me to do what I love," the Descendants star said of her latest role. My love of storytelling has always gone a step further with this one, and I felt very fulfilled to be part of storytelling from every angle, from behind the scenes as a producer to physical storytelling as an actress to storytelling through song."

Currently, Recurrence holds the third spot on Netflix's top 10 non-English film list. In Recurrence, an Argentine crime thriller starring Luisana Lopilato, an ex-cop gets entangled with a murder case after returning to a small town. There have already been more than 11 million hours of watching of the movie by fans all over the world.

Also among the Top 10 countries for viewership are Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, France, Greece, Morocco, South Korea, and many others. The popularity of Netflix around the world has led to some significant global viewership numbers.