A new baby has been welcomed by Nick Cannon, who asked critics to direct their cynicism toward him


Nick Cannon is addressing his children's mothers' treatment. Masked Singer host, 41, addressed criticism about his growing family when announcing the birth of daughter Onyx Ice Cole

The treatment is addressed

According to Cannon, not everyone in her family has the same level of strength as she, and I am not easily triggered and have quite tough skin

The strength differs

Cole, who becomes Cannon's sixth spouse, described her as one of the most non-confrontational and guileless souls he had seen. He said she should be free to enjoy motherhood in this moment of bliss

The motherhood enjoyment

According to Cannon, he has given up on trying to define himself for the world or society based on the concerns expressed about him as a person and parent

The try is given up

Onyx, too, can learn the same, not to be shamed or ridiculed by others with their outside opinions since they are simply expressing their own harsh experiences, pain, and societal programming

The learning

The model is expecting her third child with his ex-girlfriend, model Brittany Bell, who has a daughter, Powerful Queen, who is 19 months old

The expectation

Additionally, he is father to twins Zion and Zillion, 15 months, who are expecting their third child this fall with former radio personality Abby De La Rosa

Plan for the third child

In December 2021, he lost his son Zen to brain cancer at five months. His son Legendary Love was born recently with model Bre Tiesi

The recent welcome

Just hours earlier, Cannon spoke with Shan Boodram on the Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram podcast about facing hate for sharing a child with De La Rosa

The face of hate

She noted that because of his past relationships and partners, their situations have become inherently very public, and she has never been bombarded with thousands of hateful emails about me

The emails are hateful

Yeah, no. I didn't want to help you navigate that situation," De La Rosa said, considering Cannon deals with hate and his children have also had to deal with it

Help from canon

She noted that Cannon was a very positive person, and he would often tell people to ignore the haters. However, she later clarified that positivity could sometimes be toxic

The person is positive

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