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We pick 3 pulse-racing dramas to watch before they leave Netflix in August 2022

There is no doubt that Netflix continues to add new shows, movies, and documentaries at a rapid pace, but it still cannot keep up with the volume of original content that is leaving the platform at the same time. Nearly all of Netflix’s content was owned by other providers when it shifted to streaming from DVDs.

As a result, these streaming providers want to reclaim their content for their platforms – or at least not to help a competitor. Each month, Netflix removes a bunch of movies, annoying us who don’t finish our to-be-watched lists.

Clooney plays the titular character, a high-priced lawyer’s fixer brought to try and remedy a highly charged situation. A lawyer for the firm, Arthur Edens, who has been defending a chemical company against a multibillion-dollar class action lawsuit, has a breakdown and tries to go public with the information.

He needs to convince Clayton not to let Swinton’s Karen Crowder go too far to protect her employer. An outstanding drama, one of this writer’s favorites of 2017. Sheridan is the showrunner of the megahit western Yellowstone and also wrote both Sicario movies.

Cory Lambert is portrayed by Jeremy Renner in Wind River, a movie about the work of a tracker for the U.S. Department of the Interior on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. One day, he discovers a frozen body of a woman who appears to have been assaulted.

As a result of his discovery, the FBI is informed, and Jane Banner, a rookie agent played by Elizabeth Olsen, is sent to investigate. A guide to the reservation’s vast area and unforgiving weather, Banner recruits Lambert to help with the investigation, which leads to an oil drilling site and one almighty confrontation.

Despite not quite reaching the heights of its predecessor, Christopher Nolan’s final Dark Knight film is still an engaging ride that is worth repeat viewings. After eight years in hiding, Bruce Wayne is brought back after Tom Hardy’s Bane, a revolutionist out to destroy Gotham, begins tearing it apart.

Battered and bruised from his battle with Heath Ledger’s Joker, Wayne has been hiding for eight years. Almost three hours long, The Dark Knight is a gripping, supremely ambitious blockbuster that holds up.

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