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‘Watch this movie – your heart will be on fire’: Thirteen Lives viewers are blown away by Thai cave rescue film

On Amazon Prime Video, , the film chronicling the 2018 Thai cave rescue, has been released and viewers are blown away. Based on a true story, the Ron Howard-directed chronicles the 18-day rescue mission that rescued a football team in Thailand from a cave. After a flood, the group had become stranded deep inside the tunnels.

The film stars as John Volanthen and Viggo Mortensen as Richard Stanton. In a recent interview, Farrell revealed that he had panic attacks while filming the film’s underwater scenes. Despite the movie only being released today, fans have already taken to Twitter to share their enthusiasm.

” I highly recommend watching Thirteen Lives on Amazon Prime,” one viewer wrote. In my opinion, is an incredible director. The ingenuity and teamwork shown to rescue the young boys are amazing.”I can’t begin to describe how brilliant and courageous the film #ThirteenLives was and what a rescue it was.

My hat is off to all of the volunteers and the boys. It was such an incredible example of courage, determination, and humanity.”If you watch this movie, your heart will be racing,” wrote a third. In a fourth posting, the writer wrote.

Thirteen Lives is a harrowing, uplifting, and constantly gripping docudrama about a miracle Thai cave rescue that uses its ripped-from-the-headlines story to celebrate extraordinary heroism from ordinary people working together.” 9/10.”

According to another, Thirteen Lives is fantastic! Intense, claustrophobic, and thrilling, with some of the most nerve-wracking underwater sequences I’ve seen in a long time. It was a superbly directed film with great performances. This is one of the best films I have seen in the last year.”Following up on the 2021 National Geographic documentary, The Rescue, Thirteen Lives explores the mission today




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