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Viewers of Big Brother claim that CBS edited Kyle Capener’s racist remarks

As #KKKyle starts to trend on , viewers of claim that censored remarks made by contestant that were racially offensive.

Kyle Capener thinks white candidates should band together

The clip was found on the 24-hour Livestream for the program, but it was not shown.

Viewers have charged CBS with hiding Capener’s alleged racist actions during the entire season.

Big Brother viewers have claimed that the program has censored what they believe to be racist behavior by one of the contestants.

When a video of contestant Kyle Capener, 29, saying that the other contenders of color are plotting to beat white contestants started to circulate, the debate got started.

Capener is one of the eleven contestants in a season 24 field with a racial gap

Capener referred to a group of all-black candidates from the previous season who sought to crown the program’s first black champion: “Those six with that background appear a lot like the Cookout, with a very diverse background.”

Everyone has explained their motivation for taking part in this game. Greater representation of the Middle East on television, according to . Brazilians have never participated in or won an Indianapolis 500 race. Capener expressed worry that another racially motivated alliance would form and urged the remaining white contenders to form their own. “Everyone has those reasons where they all coincide,” he said.

The part was not included in the main broadcast but was carried on the shows

However, when Capener gained popularity on social media, viewers found more racist content. They accused the show’s creators of editing it out. Since then, the hashtags #StopProtectingKyle and #KKKyle have gained popularity on Twitter.

A video of competitor Kyle Capener, 29, saying that he thinks the remaining contestants of color are plotting to eliminate the white contestants set off the issue.

Wow!!! Now, KKKyle is making it clear that he plans to attack every member of a racial or ethnic minority in the house. His biggest concern is that they will band together against him. He wants to work with Michael, Brittany, Alyssa, and himself to build an alliance.