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Victoria Beckham sobs while confronting her ‘biggest fear’ with David on a trip

is in tears as she confronts herself on her on her to Aspen with her husband,

Victoria Beckham’s video:

She shared the video clipping on TikTok, where she is seen headed on a rollercoaster around the scenic mountainside. It didn’t take long for the adrenaline to start pumping.


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As the ride started to move, Victoria Beckham, who was seated in front of her husband, David Beckham, said, 

“I am so scared of rollercoasters. I’m so, so scared right now. Don’t go too fast”.

To which David Beckham responded. 

“We have to go fast,” and with the pace beginning to speed up, so did Victoria’s panic as she screamed: “No, no, no. I feel sick. Oh, Jesus. Oh My God… stop.”

And she started to sob. On seeing her, David Beckham started laughing and asked her if she was crying. And her daughter asked if she was okay. Victoria Beckham replied, “It’s not funny.”

Later she uploaded the video: 

“Trying to overcome my greatest fear. I am literally terrified of anything that even resembles a rollercoaster!! Get the feeling @davidbeckham is really enjoying this ride!”

Fans were quick enough to comment as one user wrote,

“That’s a marriage. wife panicking husband laughing lol”.

This video came after David Beckham mocked his wife on their trip to hike. She even shared a selfie video on her way as she trekked uphill in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. 

Victoria Beckham attire:

In that, Victoria Beckham wore a tight black vest with matching shorts for the workout and a black baseball cap with sunglass tucked into her top. 

We’re here in Aspen on a substantial hike, but look at the vistas, she said in the video clip, sounding out of breath, before rotating the camera away from her face.

David shouted, “I hope you’re not putting that dodgy accent on!”

Clearly not impressed with the comment, Victoria fired responded bluntly “This is just how I talk.”

David’s comment was about fans being baffled by Posh’s upper-class tone when she conducted a makeup tutorial on social media last week.

“I hope you’re not using that shady accent,” David yelled.

Victoria fired replied directly, clearly unimpressed with the remark “This is simply how I talk.”

David remarked in response to followers being perplexed by Posh’s affluent demeanor when she gave a makeup tutorial on social media last week.

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