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Vanessa Bryant donates $16M trial payout to Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation

sued L.A. County
Vanessa Bryant sued L.A. County over the graphic photos of and after their death in a helicopter crash. She was awarded $16 million in the case. Vanessa Bryant will give the money she gets from the from the lawsuit she won against L.A. County. Bryant sued L.A. County after pictures of the bodies of Kobe Bryant, their daughter Gianna Bryant, and other people who died in the January 2020 helicopter crash were leaked. On Wednesday, a jury gave Bryant $16 million because of the pictures.

The Los Angeles Times
Her lawyer, , told The Los Angeles Times on Thursday that she plans to give the verdict money to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation. This is a non-profit that honors Kobe and Gianna by giving underprivileged young athletes a chance to play sports.
In a statement to PEOPLE about the verdict, Li says, “From the beginning, Vanessa Bryant has only wanted accountability, but our legal system doesn’t let her force better policies, more training, or officer discipline.” He also says, “These steps are the responsibility of the sheriffs and fire departments. However, Mrs. Bryant’s work has shown that these departments are woefully inadequate, even letting the wrongdoers go free.”

“Good Samaritans” Ralph Mendez
He then praises Vanessa, who is 40 years old, saying that she “never gave up, even when the county tried to force her to get a psychiatric exam against her will.” Li says that Vanessa is “deeply grateful” to “Good Samaritans” Ralph Mendez and Luella Weireter, who “brought to light the decades-old practice of taking and sharing photos of accident and crime victims for no good reason.” “Mrs. Bryant hopes that this important civil rights case will stop this disgusting and mean-spirited behavior,” Li says.

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“Mamba Day”
As Vanessa’s 11-week trial came to an end, her co-plaintiff Chris Chester, who tragically lost his wife Sarah and their 13-year-old daughter Payton in the crash, was also given $15 million.
Vanessa could be seen crying in court after she heard the verdict. Vanessa was holding her head down and putting her hands together as if she were praying. Before she hugged Chris, she hugged her lawyer, Luis Li, for a few minutes. The decision was made on Kobe Bryant Day, also known as “Mamba Day,” which honors the late Los Angeles Lakers great whose jersey numbers were 8 and 24.

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