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Val Kilmer Wishes To Reprise His Role As Batman Again

The actor lost his voice following a tracheotomy in 2014 as part of treatment for his throat cancer. Therefore, his appearance in the was made possible by the company Sonantic, an AI-powered platform that created a realistic model of his voice.

Val’s struggles with throat cancer have been publicly documented in the 2021 Amazon Prime Video movie Val. Kilmer’s son, , narrates the documentary as we follow Val’s battle with chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Becoming Again

The actor played Batman in the 1995 movie Batman Forever. His co-stars included Jim Carrey as The Riddler, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, and Chris O’Donnell as Dick Grayson, aka Robin. During a recent email interview with IGN’s , Kilmer revealed that he would be interested in reprising his role as Batman in the future.

Vejvoda made it clear that Val would be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne when we now have multiple universes in comic book movies were actors who have played Batman or Spider-Man in the past team up with the current actor playing the role.

Kilmer’s Role In Top Gun

In the interview, Kilmer also recalled the excitement of working on Top Gun, especially as he worked on the 1986 movie and then had the chance to work on Maverick. Val reminisced on filming the original movie during the first film; we had a blast as young actors!! Kilmer explained via email. He was blown away by the scale of the sets! I have fond memories of the ‘behind the scenes!’

Most of the film work is waiting!!! He admitted. Takes a lot of discipline. On the new one, it was just nice to be with Tom and get the chance to connect again!! The actor said of having the opportunity to work with Tom Cruise again.

Kilmer revealed in the interview that it would be fun to make a sequel to the 1995 crime drama Heat. Val explained that he has a lot of love for director Michael Mann, we get along great, and we have a great deal of trust.

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Mann has since announced that he is releasing a novel to follow his acclaimed drama. The novel follows Kilmer’s character, Chris, as he attempts to escape LA following the film’s bank robbery and shootout finale.

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