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Unbelievable! Ken Jennings’ final response on Jeopardy! Upsets’ fans

, 48, has been announced as the host of !'s new season, which premiered on September 12th. of the show marks his as the permanent replacement for , the late, great host. When Ken allowed one player to correct an answer during Wednesday's now-viral game but blocked another from doing so during his first week as a host, he made national headlines. The winner's final response was accepted despite its “terrible” reputation online on a night when all eyes were on the show's integrity.

Final Jeopardy scores

Unexpected response from Kim

Handwriting responses and setting a risk amount are required for the final round. With a wager of $8000, Emmett was the first to reveal his response and wager. His response to the “” seemed to be the correct response, but his second word was completely missed. The first time he'd tried it, he'd crossed it out, and under “Emancipation,” it didn't even look there after the “P,” even if he cringed. Even though Jason and Suzanne didn't pick the right answer, Suzanne would have won on a technicality because she bet $6000.

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Since Alex's tragic death at age 80 in 2020 and the whirlwind of celebrity guest hosts during Season 37, Ken and have regularly filled in for the legendary host since 2021. Some of these individuals were Savannah Guthrie, a fan favorite, , , , and Anderson Cooper, and others who scored a week or so on the show. A week later, the shock decision was reversed after his misogynistic comments were discovered to have been made while working as an executive producer.

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