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Unbearably distressing! Prince William was walking behind Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

On Thursday, gave an emotional speech to mourners about his painful moments while walking behind his grandmother’s , Queen Elizabeth II, in his procession. The moment was as painful to him as he had done the same for his mother, , when he was a teenager.

During a walkabout in Sandringham, the and his wife, , perused tributes left in Queen Elizabeth’s honor. William spoke about the painful memories of when the royals spent 45 minutes speaking with mourners outside the Norwich gates of Sandringham House.

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Challenging walk for William

The walk behind the coffin was the most challenging; that brought back a few memories for William. William walked behind his grandmother’s coffin as it was moved from to Westminster beside his younger brother . William said ‘how difficult it was yesterday and how u reminded him of his mum’s funeral

In 1977 the brothers, aged 15 and 12, moved the world by walking behind their late mother, Diana’s coffin. William told a group of women supporters, ‘It’s one of those moments when you think to yourself: I’ve prepared myself for this, but I’m not that prepared.

The royal family spends Christmas together at Sandringham, with Queen Elizabeth staying until February. Caroline Barwick from Wales said: ‘William told us how difficult it was yesterday, how I brought back memories of walking behind his mother’s coffin.’ 

On Thursday, William and Kate Middleton held a walkout for an hour as they looked at Queen Elizabeth’s floral tributes and shook people’s hands. On Monday, King Charles and members of the will again follow the late ’s coffin foot before and after her funeral in London.

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