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Ukraine: 700 film extras posed as locals for Russia’s propaganda video in Melitopol

The pro-Russian head of the occupied Zaporizhzhia region in has begun preparations for a referendum to join , and Ukrainian authorities have claimed that Russia has imported film extras to pose as residents.

’s mayor Ivan Fedorov said Russia brought over 700 people as extras since they couldn’t get enough locals to make a “pretty picture” for the Russian media. It was alleged in a Telegram post by Federov that the occupiers realized that their pseudo-referendum plans were on the verge of failure given that fewer than 10% of Melitopol residents supported Russia even under the muzzles of Russian machine guns.”

Taking advantage of their big brother in the Kremlin, the collaborators created another propaganda video for the Russian media. Because they couldn’t get enough locals together, they brought 700 people into Melitopol from other temporarily occupied areas in Zaporizhzhia Oblast for a forum in the Melitopol Palace of Culture.

” Federov said. In his words, Yevhen Balytskyi, the Gauleiter of Zaporizhzhia, failed miserably in the local elections once, gaining less than 10%. As he stated, “First he created a position for himself, and now he decides the fate of the temporarily occupied territories by signing confusing orders expressing a desperate desire to become part of the Russian Federation.

If anything, his orders are worthless,” he said. He also warned that “all psych ward patients who went over to the Russians will certainly be cured by the Ukrainian special services.”This comes after Yevgeny Balitsky announced the decision to launch the referendum during a pro-Russian forum entitled “We are with Russia.”

With my signature, I am directing the central election committee to begin the preparations for holding a referendum on the reunification of Zaporizhzhia with Russia,” Beletsky said. There are two-thirds of this region under Russian control, part of a swathe of southern Ukraine Russia captured early in the conflict.

Melitopol is the largest city controlled by Russia in Zaporizhzhia. According to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, peace talks with Russia would be impossible if the country conducted such referendums in occupied territories. We won’t give up anything of what we have.

Our country’s position remains the same as it has always been. By proceeding along the path of pseudo-referendums, the occupiers will close the door to the possibility of negotiations with Ukraine and the free world, which Russia will need in the future,” he said.

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