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Tyrese won’t pay marriage support, but will pay $10k/mo in child support

The Judge told  

The judge told Tyrese to see the $10k in payments he will be making each month moving forward as a significant investment in his child’s future. At the conclusion of Tyrese’s judicial battle with his ex-wife Lee Gibson on Tuesday evening in Georgia, the judge mandated that the actor pay $10,690 per month in child support. , the daughter of the ex-couple. This is not a penalty for you.

Perhaps feeling Tyrese wasn’t pleased with the verdict, the judge addressed him immediately. Put that money in the child, where it belongs! Additionally, the judge warned Samantha and Tyrese against disparaging one another in front of Soraya and said Tyrese should be pleased if his ex moved into a finer place because it will raise his daughter’s standard of living.

The Judge stated

The judge stated that Tyrese owes Samantha a lump amount of $209k because the judge claimed the $10k/month dates back to when Samantha first filed for divorce in September 2020. Tyrese received a credit, however, because the judge deducted $46k from the lump sum because he had been paying Samantha’s auto loan for two years.

As a result, the lump sum was reduced to $169k. Additionally excellent news—at least for Tyrese—the judge ruled that neither party will be required to pay spousal support. Tyrese wanted to keep their Range Rover and give Samantha their Land Rover, as TMZ originally revealed. He also wanted to keep their Range Rover. He also understood that.

The Judge Decision

The judge’s decision to accept Samantha’s divorce petition came almost as an afterthought; as a result, both of them are now single, even if they aren’t yet ready to date.